Making Habitat variety -video seminar

Making Habitat variety -video seminar

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Join master sculptor Josh Guge for this 3 day seminar on making a variety of habitat. These demonstration videos were made during a class he taught at his studio in Elgin. The seminar includes 38 demonstration videos ranging from 5 to 25 minutes in length. The videos are loaded with important information you need to learn how to use metal, brass, epoxy and paint to create a work of art!  Josh covers every detail in the process from carving, sculpting, soldering, airbrush and hand painting.  

Josh covers a variety of subject matter in this class including: 

*Making leaves from copper

*Making branches from brass

*Making moss and lichens from wire and epoxy

*Making cactus from wood and brass

*Making buds and berries from epoxy 

*Making sand texture

*Making sea shells 

*Making Lilly pads

*Making rocks


Josh is known for simplifying this complex process and helping students of all skill levels reach their personal goals. 


Important information about the class!

*Students need to search for and purchase the following products to participate in the class. Just type ”Leaves” in the search bar and these products will be displayed.

Leaves packet: 1 pattern drawing of the leaves, pics of the finished leaves, and 1 color chart.

This product is available on this site. If you have already purchased any of these products in the past, you don’t need to get a second set. Just purchase the items you don’t currently have. 

 To get the most out of the seminar, students are encouraged to watch all of the videos before they begin to cave. This way they will understand the process better and how each step will build on the next.

Josh has designed his video demonstrations to answer frequently asked questions that students have in live classes. If you have questions as you follow along, wait to see if the videos will eventually answer them. If you still need help you can reach out to Josh at: 

* Upon Purchase of the class, a URL and password will be sent to you via email in order to watch the virtual class. Please reach out to Josh if you have any questions

*These videos are to be viewed only by the participants who have purchased them. No sharing or group watching is allowed.  

Copyright -guge art inc. 2021. Any reproduction or illegal distribution of the content in any form will result in immediate action against the person concerned.